Your car black box equipped
with a GPS chip and dual camera

The top of the range, recduo is the most complete video black box, including dual cameras: one to record the road and the other covering the passenger compartment.

This automatic and autonomous on-board recording system is your ally for safety on the road and your independent witness in the event of an accident. Equipped with a gyroscopic sensor to determine the origin of an impact, a GPS chip and a housing resistant to extremes of temperature, nothing will elude recduo during your journeys.

The interior wide-angle camera, which covers the whole of the vehicle’s passenger compartment, is synchronised with the road camera. The video and audio (integral microphone) recordings will be stored on a memory card; depending on the storage volume, the system records your journey in a loop and saves the data in the event of the unexpected.

View your journeys on Google Maps and, simultaneously, your videos using the software application provided.

  • Dual wide-angle cameras

    Interior camera: with a 170° wide angle, recduo films your vehicle’s passenger compartment and allof its passengers. Its ultra wide-angle lens enables the whole interior to be seen, as well as the vehicle’s
    close surroundings. A set of four LEDs is also integrated into recduo for night vision. Thus, by day or night, your passenger compartment will be perfectly recorded by recduo.

    Exterior camera: recduo includes a lens offering 120° “wide-angle” vision, enabling the system to scan
    a very wide field of view. The video system’s sensors are also highly sensitive and adapt to the road’s visibility conditions. In other words, the sensors adapt to low and high luminosity conditions as well as
    sudden changes in light (when exiting a tunnel, for example). On certain models, they are also perfectly adapted to night vision.

  • Gyroscopic sensor

    The “G shock sensor” system records all your vehicle’s movements: sudden accelerations, excessive braking and heavy vehicle movements when cornering. These elements will provide details of any accident and can be used to analyse an event that has occurred on the road. recduo is thus a genuine on-board black box, storing your vehicle’s video and movement data.

  • GPS Tracker chip

    You’re going to love recduo’s integrated GPS function: your vehicle can be geo-located wherever
    you are and associated with Google Maps. This sophisticated technology also allows you to analyse
    a variety of data relating to your vehicle: GPS position, direction, average speed, distance travelled,
    journey time, etc.

  • Auto-REC

    recduo automatically and continuously records all your journeys. Just start your vehicle to launch your recduo! The recordings are saved in a loop on the preformatted SD card provided. Once the card is full, the old journeys recorded are automatically replaced with your current journey. So no information relating to your latest journeys will be lost. Finally, the 30 seconds before and after an impact are stored in a secure file.

  • Resistant black box

    recduo is suited to the climatic conditions of vehicles, low temperatures (-15°) and high temperatures (+65°). Placed on your windscreen near to your interior rearview mirror, recduo can resist extremes of temperature due to the high quality components used.

Others functions

  • Night mode

  • Emergency recording

  • From -15° to 65°C

  • Integrated microphone

  • Tv & Video output

  • Wide angle of vision at 120°/170°

  • Infrared remote control

  • 4GB MICRO-SD card included

Discover the key features of
your recneo application

Technical specifications

Chip H.264
Sensor type 1/3CMOS
Camera angle 120° & 170°
Voltage 5V, 1A
Operating temperatures in °C -15~+65
Memory type Micro SD Class6
Video recordingv PAL 25 Fps
Saved data GPS, Vidéo, G-Sensor
Video recording format *.SD or *.AVI
Gyroscopic sensor Yes
Microphone Integrated
Speaker No
External outputs TV output ext. GPS connector
Other Emergency record button
Password Yes
USB socket Connect to the cigarette adaptor or PC
Remote control Infrared
Battery No
Product size (in mm) 56.5 x 114.1 x 53
Product weight (without battery in g) 150
Special function Video playback mode

Package content

Software CD
5V cigarette adaptor
Remote control
AV output cable
Start-up guide
Holder with suction pads & windscreen sticker
USB card reader
Preformatted 4GB Micro SD card included

Software compatibility

MAC : Mac OS X 10.7 or above – USB port
PC : Windows 7 or above – USB port

See technical drawings


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