Simple concept

  • You start your engine

  • RoadEyes
    automatically records your course

  • You review your course
    on our application

  • Increased safety for the community

    Contribute to reducing road accidents with RoadEyes. This on-board recording device makes all drivers more attentive and more responsible.

  • Increased road safety

    With a simple housing to place on your windscreen, your journeys will be safer.

  • Increased peace of mind behind the wheel

    Thanks to RoadEyes, your driving will never be the same as before: as you know everything is recorded, you will no longer fear the unexpected.

  • Reduce your fuel budget

    By being calmer and more attentive on the road, you will automatically reduce your fuel consumption and can make real savings!

  • Negotiate your insurance budget

    RoadEyes helps your insurer better declare your accidents through improved time managing your reports. So every year you can negotiate a reduction in your insurance premiums.

  • Objectively prove your innocence

    No need to stress after an accident not caused by your own actions. With RoadEyes, you have an infallible witness that records all events that occur on the road (accidents, incidents, vandalism, etc.)

  • Become an eco-driver

    Thanks to the data recorded on your RoadEyes dashcam, you will adopt a more flexible and environmentally-friendly style of driving! Running an engine at low revs and maintaining a stable speed (avoiding harsh acceleration and braking as far as possible) moderates your vehicle’s components and limits CO2 emissions.

  • Analyse your driving

    With your RoadEyes dashcam installed, you can monitor, visualise and analyse all data (GPS position, speed and statistics) relating to your vehicle using our Mac/PC-compatible application software.