The double-camera video black box!

The top of the range, recDUO HD is the most complete video black box, including dual cameras: one to record the road (720p HD resolution) and the other covering the passenger compartment (wide-angle fish-eye lens 170°.) This automatic and autonomous on-board recording system is your ally for increased safety on the road and your independent witness in the event of an accident.

Equipped with a gyroscopic sensor to determine the origin of an impact, a GPS chip and a housing resistant to extremes of temperature, nothing will elude recDUO HD during your journeys. The interior wide-angle camera, which covers the whole of the vehicle’s passenger compartment, is synchronised with the road camera.

The video and audio (integrated microphone) recordings will be stored on a memory card: according to the storage volume, the system records your journey in a loop and saves the data in the event of the unexpected. View your journeys on Google Maps and, simultaneously, your videos using the software application provided.
  • recDUO HD
  • recDUO HD
  • Auto-REC


    The recDUO HD automatically and continuously records all your journeys. Just start your vehicle to launch your recDUO! The recordings are saved in a loop on the pre-formatted SD card provided. Once the card is full, the old recorded journeys are automatically replaced with your current journey. So no information relating to your latest journeys will be lost. Finally, the 30 seconds before and after an impact are stored in a secure file.

  • GPS Tracker

    GPS Tracker

    You’re going to love the recDUO HD’s integrated GPS: your vehicle can be geo-located wherever you are and associated with Google Maps. This sophisticated technology also allows you to analyse a variety of data relating to your vehicle: GPS position, direction, average speed, distance travelled, journey time, etc.

  • Resistant Black Box

    Resistant Black Box

    Manufactured using high quality components, the recDUO HD continues to function even in the most demanding environments. Placed on your windscreen near to your interior rearview mirror, recDUO HD can easily resist temperature ranging from -10°C to +70°C.

  • Gyroscopic Sensor

    Gyroscopic Sensor

    The «G shock sensor» records all your vehicle’s movements: sudden acceleration, excessive braking and heavy movements while swerving. These elements will provide details of any accident and can be used to analyse an event that has occurred on the road. The recDUO HD is thus a complete on-board black box, storing your vehicle’s video and movement data.

  • HD Wide-angle Camera

    HD Wide-angle Camera

    The 720p camera features a wide-angle lens with a 120° angle-of view. This gives the recDUO HD an unprecedented field-of-vision. The sensors are highly sensitive and adapts to visibility conditions on the road. They detect low and high light conditions, as well as sudden changes (for example when exiting a tunnel). This way the recDUO HD ensures clear high-defenition footage of your journey 24/7. The recDUO HD also films the inside of your vehicle with its second interior camera that is equiped with an ultra wide- angle 170° fish-eye lens. This gives you a clear view of the entire passenger compartment, as well as the vehicle’s close surroundings. The recDUO HD ensures perfect recording of your passanger compartment - night and day - thatnks to its four integrated infrared LEDs.

  • From -10° to 70°C

  • Emergency recording

  • Integrated microphone

  • Angle-of-view 120°

  • 8 GB SD card included

  • Infrared remote

  • PC/Mac software

  • 1280*720px (front camera)

  • Night mode

  • TV-out

Discover the key features of your recDUO HD software

Technical specifications

ChipsetAmbarella H.264 video compression
Photo sensor1/3 CMOS (HD 720p)
Angle-of-view120° (exterior) and 170° (interior)
Voltage5V, 1A
Operational temperature-10° | +70° (inside the vehicle)
Storage peripheralsClass 10 or higher SD – maximum capacity 32 GB
Video resolutionHD 1280*720 (exterior) - VGA (interior)
Registrered dataDate, time, video, sound, GPS data (speed and position) and 3D position
Video formatProprietary format compatible with bundled RoadEyes software
MicrophoneIntegrated high-sensitive microphone
Time settingsAutomatic time setting with GPS signal - Manual configuration via supplied software
GyroscopeGyroscopic sensor with 3D axes

Packaging contents

Power cord5V Cigarette lighter power adaptor
Remote controlInfrared
CD-ROMContains RoadEyes road analysis software
MountSuction cups and sticker option
Quick-start guideInstructions for installation and start
S-Video cableMini-Jack / RCA
Memory card8 GB SDHC class 10 SD card

Software compatability

WindowsWindows 7 - USB 2.0
MacOS X 10.7 ou supérieur - USB 2.0

View the schematic

View the schematic

View the schematic

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