Social application

  • See your footage and analyse your driving

    With our application and software installed, you can monitor, visualise and analyse all data (GPS position, speed and statistics) relating to your vehicle using our Mac/PC-compatible application software.

  • A complete application

    Analyze your course data

    RoadEyes offers a useful and innovative service: managing your product device via the included software. This software is Mac/PC-compatible and is constructed with intuitive ergonomics, enabling you to consult your vehicle’s data: speed, geographic position, different viewing angles, G sensor, route travelled, distance, duration, video, sound, etc.

  • 4G access

    See your vehicle, live in 4G access

    Thanks to the RoadEyes connected 4G range, you will be able to directly access your vehicle with a connected PC. So that you could look after your vehicles fleet and see it in real-time! RoadEyes will allow you to geo-locate your vehicle and keep important data from your journey safe.

    RoadEyes brings you the management of your fleet and provides security and serenity for you and your team on road.

Cross platform

The RoadEyes application was built to be the most useful for you. Depending on the product range selected, you will have access to various information: speed, geolocation, route (Google Maps) and distance, lunges (gyro sensor), conduct appropriate speed limits, etc… RoadEyes provides you a solid interface to be used on Windows, Mac and on iPhone/iPad through a dedicated application.


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Mac Application

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PC Application